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Miltenyi MiniMACS™ Starting Kit

The MACS Separation system is developed to separate human and animal cells. Moreover it can be used for the separation of plant protoplasts, bacteria, cell organelles, and other bioparticles. The material to be separated, for example, cells, is first magnetically labeled with superparamagnetic MACS MicroBeads. After magnetic labeling, cells are passed through a MACS Column which is placed in the strong permanent magnet of the MACS Separator. The ferromagnetic spheres in the column amplify the magnetic field by 10,000-fold, thus inducing a high gradient. Unlabeled cells pass through while magnetically labeled cell are retained within the column. After removal of the column from the magnetic field, the retained fraction can be eluted. Both fractions, labeled and non-labeled, are completely recovered.


MiniMACS™ Separator (# 130-042-102)

MultiStand (# 130-042-303)

MS Columns (# 130-042-201)

One unit of MACS MicroBeads, or one MACS MicroBead Kit, or one MACS Cell Isolation Kit

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