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Miltenyi Recombinant Engineered Antibodies

※   High purity and lot-to-lot consistency for greater reproducibility

※   Eliminates tedious and costly Fc receptor-blocking steps

※   One universal isotype control for convenience and cost savings

REAfinity™ Antibodies are recombinant antibodies that provide superior lot-to-lot consistency and purity compared to mouse or rat monoclonal antibodies. They've been recombinantly engineered to produce highly specific antibodies that require no FcR blocking step. Additionally, they all have the same IgG1 isotype.

Hundreds of REAfinity specificities are available. Choose from a variety of fluorochromes to address your multicolor flow needs – FITC, VioBright™ FITC, PE, APC, VioBlue®, VioGreen™, PE-Vio770™, APC-Vio770™, PerCP-Vio700™.

Performance data

We back up our claims that REAfinity™ Antibodies are the best antibodies available with real data. They are demonstrated to be highly specific, result in better staining than mouse or rat monoclonals, and without the need of Fcγ receptor blocking step.

※   Highly specific: better staining than mouse and rat monoclonals

※   Clear resolution of target population: enables straightforward data analysis

※   High stain index: due to an optimized fluorochrome labeling process and low background

Eliminate unwanted Fcγ receptor binding

REAfinity™ Antibodies have specifically mutated human IgG1 Fc regions. These mutations virtually eliminate unspecific binding to Fcγ receptors, as demonstrated in figure 4. Staining with REAfinity Antibodies therefore makes the use of FcR blocking reagents redundant resulting in time and cost savings.

REAfinity™ Antibodies show only minimal background signals

In the absence of an FcR blocking reagent, staining with the mouse monoclonal antibody results in strong non-specific background signals (figure 5A). Therefore, it is necessary to include an FcR blocking step prior to staining with the mouse monoclonal antibody (figure 5B). In contrast, staining with the REAfinity Antibody allows the specific detection of the CD158a+ target population, even without FcR blocking reagent (figure 5C).

One universal isotype control

REAfinity™ Antibodies all have human IgG1 as their isotype. The result is that you need only one type of isotype control for all REA clones, named REA Control Antibodies or clone REA293. This control is available in two formats – one for surface- and one for intracellular-expressed antigens.

※   What does one isotype control per fluorochrome mean to you?

※   You will experience significant cost savings since you will need only one control.

※   You will save time spent on searching for the antibody isotype.

High purity - no Ig chain mixtures

Mouse monoclonal antibodies often contain mixtures of different IgG heavy and light-antibody chains (figure 6). This impurity can lead to lot-lot variations and could impact the reproducibility of your experiments.

REAfinity™ Antibodies offer several major advantages over mouse monoclonal antibodies for long term studies, including:

※   REAfinity Antibody products contain only contain one heavy and one light-chain for higher lot-to-lot consistency (figure 6).

※   The unmatched quality of REAfinity Antibodies also arises from its manufacture in mammalian cells and production under a highly controlled manufacturing process.

Compared to the average mouse monoclonal antibody, REAfinity Antibodies offer greater purity and higher lot-to-lot consistency to make REAfinity Antibodies your reagent of choice.

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